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We're an entrepreneurial training company designed to give visionary and soulful corporate leaders and entrepreneurs a proven and intuitive system for building a soulful and profitable career, business, and a freedom lifestyle–around their authentic and integral self and their unique life mission.



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About Thaís

(creator of the Poised Method)

Thaís de Lira is the Founder and CEO of the Thais de Lira Institute, an entrepreneurial training company designed to give visionary and soulful corporate leaders and entrepreneurs a proven and intuitive system for building a soulful and profitable career, business, and a freedom lifestyle–around their authentic and integral self and their unique life mission.

She's an internationally experienced Intuitive Business and Leadership Advisor and Coach. Also a Researcher, therapist, trainer, and mentor on the fields of leadership, relationships, and transitions, she started her career in 2015, having soon stepping into leadership roles serving Fortune 500 companies, and progressively transitioned her leadership skills into the personal development field.

Thais has over 14 years of experience working with people from all backgrounds - including CEOs, Fortune 50 senior level professionals and even Army professionals.

Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Navigating & Thriving through Difficult and Simultaneous Life Transitions, Relationships (work, family), the Expat Life, Career Acceleration, Women's Career Success, Cultural Diversity and Multicultural Relationships are some of the specific topics Thaís has developed a special interest and expertise on.

After more than a decade of research and practice, Thaís has created her own form of therapy and training, known as the Poised Method.

The Poised Method combines therapy and training and it uses the most effective principles of analytical psychology, hypnotherapy, SI coaching, ultramind systems, HD, montessori educational systems, and neuro-linguistic programming with the ability to transform lives, powerfully and permanently.

The Poised Method is each day becoming more and more recognized as one of the most effective personal development methods available.
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"Thais‘ sensitive, positive and unique background makes her the full package. From psychology to coaching, she uses different approaches depending on the person and situation to help you in your growth journey. If you are looking to know more about yourself and solve problems you might be facing in life, you have found the right person that will help you get where you want to be."

Peter P.
North America Commercial Leader, USA

"P and I were facing a very hard time in our long time relationship. We would fight every day for any reason, and it seemed that we were not able to communicate with each other anymore, despite being together for 15 years. It was extremely frustrating and we got to the point could barely see a future for us and we just reached the bottom. Thais was very sweet and understanding since the beginning and guided us into a healing process that taught us to listen to each other and see each other perspective. The process began individually, working on ourselves. Then, when we were ready, we started to do sessions together. Slowly but surely, we started to fight less, enjoy and cherish the time together more, be nicer to each other, rediscover that love and passion we were feeling at the beginning of our relationship. Little steps led us closer and closer. Thais provided not only weekly sessions, but was always available for extra support during the week, when things were really tough and we were totally lost. I can say now that I have never been so much in love with P like now. Instead of fighting each other, we now fight for each other, and we are back being the strong team that all our friends were referring to us in the past. We have projects for the future and they all put us as a couple in the first place. I am very grateful to Thais for her help and guidance, I strongly recommend her support! "

M & P
Entrepreneurial Couple, together for 15 years, USA

"By talking to Thais, you immediately understand that you have a competent person in front of you who speaks to you from the heart. Always very kind and delicate in her ways, she has deep respect for the moment you are going through, respects your privacy and is always available to provide a different perspective to an event. This is probably also the result of her personal experiences that led her to travel the world and to grow professionally in the corporate world. Often, people well ahead of her years don't even have half the experience she's gained so far."

Gaetana R.
Business Owner in the Fashion Industry, in her 60's, Italy

"I needed Thais' help when my daughter came into the world by making me a mom. I found myself facing a new life, a new role, a new me. I had the feeling of being overwhelmed by everyday life without spending quality time with my little girl. Despite my strong character, I needed a guide ... difficult to admit when you are used to always doing everything yourself and managing everything in detail. Thais gave me the keys I needed to grow my daughter serenely, giving her the right stimuli and avoiding certain mistakes, allowing me in parallel to feel like a mom, a woman and a worker satisfied with my life and a reference point for my baby. Thais helped me put my life in order and today I know that my daughter is a happy child and I am too. "

Robby Abram
Nuclear Engineer & Project Manager, Working Mom of 2, France

"Synchronicity. In my enlightening experience with Thais’ work there were many "coincidences" and connections. She really loves what she does and you can feel this commitment and passion in the quality of her work."

Rebecca H.
Process Improvement Leader LAM, Brazil

"Great insights!!! Each session added to my self-knowledge and broke through any misconceptions I could have regarding this kind of work. Thaís has this pragmatic approach to articulate the information (…) shedding light on all aspects that have the potential to make you evolve. If not a believer yet, give it a try at least. You'll sure have at least lots of material to reflect on afterwards!"

Fumie S.
Head of Strategy & New Business Development, Refinery & Petrochemicals Industry

"Such a great experience!! It was really helpful to figure out what to do next!! Thanks so much for the professional advice and objective help!!! Looking forward to continuing working together!!"

A. Rios
Head of the Nuclear Energy Learning Center, National Marine Technological Center

"I had my sessions with Thais while facing a moment of several transitions and challenges in my life. It was a real shower of self-knowledge, that boosted me with the courage to take important decisions in my life and in my business. Thais’ work is superb! I loved it and recommended it a thousand times for anyone!"

Priscila R.
From employee to Business Owner in the Beauty Industry, USA

"Thais' commitment, dedication and energy spread to everyone around her. Her extremely gentle, delicate and simple way of treating everyone, makes her an even more special human being, able to empathize with the other with such naturalness. An admirable person that I fully trust. That calms the soul with her attentive listening and welcomes and comforts the heart with her words of affection."

Glaucia M.
Program Manager, Non Profit Organization, Japan

"During the sessions, I felt it was a moment of self-care that I didn't have for such a long time. And what was mostly beautiful was that I learned I was holding that space and care not only for myself but also for my family. I loved the way Thais guided the group in expressing our feelings and thoughts. She never pushed us and left us free to decide whether or not share our personal experiences, but at the same time encouraging us with inspiring examples and interesting food for thought. I go back to daily life restored, kinder to myself, feeling more empowered, energized and more giving towards others, towards my life and my relationships."

Erica G.
Oxfam, Italy

"Being a finance and corporate professional, I've always thought coaching, therapy, self-development work was something interesting but thought it was mostly for people who were going through hard problems that didn't know how to solve by themselves. As I got to know Thaís' work and specially knowing she also had a corporate background I have decided to give it a try. And I loved it. I could learn a lot from at each session - about myself, my relationships and my life. Such an enriching experience! Thais is a very competent and humble person, just the person it is really easy to talk to in each situation of your live."

Cornelia E.
Global Finance Manager, Baker Hughes GE, Austria/Italy

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A Thorough and Transformational Journey through Leadership, Life, Spirit, Mindset and Corporate Career Management

The Poised Journey for Corporate Leaders is a 3- 12 month Program for visionary and soulful corporate leaders that want to embrace their authentic and integral self, live a poised life and grow a purpose driven career in corporate leadership.


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