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About Year-End and New Year Starts

relationships transitions Dec 27, 2020

I’ve always loved the end of the year, especially when the New Year starts!


I’ve always liked to wrap up the current year and start the new one with some symbolic rituals. My favorite one has always been, by the 31st of December, to write a letter to God divided into 3 parts. The first part thanking for the many blessings, lessons learned, and achievements in the current year.  The second part with personal asks – for myself, my family, my close ones, my business also including a timeline I’d think was ideal for things to happen. And the third part, asking for humanitarian wishes and asks. I would close the letter thanking again, and asking for God to adjust everything to His own will.



I would take a picture of it to keep it and remember later all the things I had written. And then I’d burn the letter, after making a prayer to God, Jesus and the Angels, and throw the ashes in a river, in the sea, or in a flowing stream of water.


I swear everything I have ever written has always manifested. In some cases, if not exactly as I asked, it has manifested in an ever more positive and expanded way.



I confess that in the last four years I haven’t done this practice though.  


My ego (or human self) can easily attribute it to the fact that, for many reasons, being away from my home during the holidays season, or away from my birth family (who are used to me spending quality time alone and doing rituals at this time of the year), being an overnight guest for a few days, concerned about lending a helping hand and being a “good guest”, or concerned about sounding crazy doing some ritualistic practices that entail burning letters, praying, throwing ashes in the water, was the reason.


But the simple truth is that that’s another example for me being more focused on things that are outside of me, meeting an external standard other than being connected to the Sacred in me. Instead of looking out for what I wanted, what I needed, what I cared for, what is part of who I am, and what my beliefs are. Even asking for more, because I’m here for bigger things…bigger than myself and broader than what I have been doing so far.


Because truth…or actually, truths to be told, it’s a blessing to be around people we love and that love us – they are not the problem. It all starts with us. We’re always teaching people how to treat us. The boundaries of each relationship it’s up to us to establish.


Considering the metaphysics of life, we can’t expect people to say and behave with us differently or better than we do with ourselves.


Only once we are clear on our standards, on our beliefs, and once we are committed to speaking the truth with ourselves first and foremost - always in a loving way (I’m a big detractor of the tough love culture) – it can be manifested outside ourselves – through the events, situations, and relationships.


Let’s face it, finding 5 minutes to spend with yourself every day, is feasible. Lock yourself in the bathroom if needed (I remember doing that, especially in my corporate days. Bathrooms or my car have always been my favorite get-away places to reconnect without signing up for any questions on what I was doing and if everything was all right, lol).


The year 2020 was for me, the year I’ve invested the most in myself – my beliefs, my dreams, taking courses, hiring support. At the same time, it was the year I felt I could really give the most likewise.


And now, even having holiday seasons with part of the family (considering Covid restrictions) and being an overnight guest in a very busy house, I’m getting back my year-end and new year start practice and I’m super excited about that. Because it’s also a reconnection to my origins.


What I wish for you in 2021, a year filled with unconditional self-love, lots of soul-quality time and unapologetically investing in filling your own cup and getting support too.


Trust me that health, manifestation, dreams realizations, opportunities, wealth, happiness, prosperity will simply follow along as a part of the metaphysics of life. Because whatever you see on the outside is just the reflection of what you’re living on the inside.


And in case you too feel the calling for living a Poised Life and welcome support and mentorship in order to be on the Fastlane of it, I’d love to be your guide in The Poised Journey.



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