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Relearning how to fly

2019 was the year I decided to fully step out of a version of me, as I decided to permanently transition from my 14-year corporate career, and 6 years of “side hustling” to finally found the Institute.


I started the year of 2020 sure that a new life was ahead of me – my fully poised life plans were coming to fruition.


And indeed, this year has been a blessed year for me.


It's been a year where I finally understood what the saying  “everything is happening for you and not to you” means; when I chose to see everything as a gift – wins and losses.


It’s been a year to focus on letting go of the “addictions” I had no idea I had incorporated as part of myself (“the poisoned self”) around overcontrol mode, hustle mode, over analyzing, over working, over doing, over proving, over preparing, trying to help people that didn’t really want to be helped (as much as they said they wanted to change).


What made this year a success for me is that I focused on “rescuing myself”.


More than ever I could see the real me and everything happening to bring me closer to my soul purpose.


Logistics wise, this year started with my husband and I relocating to a new country, excited about our new life plans. We’re now in a country that is completely foreign to both of us, which is something I really wanted to experience in order to build the foundations of our family. A 3rd culture to blend with our individual ones.


I started creating and cultivating clarity and for that I focused on Depoisoning at a more rapid rate. Deconditioning and unbecoming who I thought I should be.


The awareness brought to me by an acting teacher in my late 20’s, that told me “girl, relax, let yourself loose. In order to step into the character, you need to first let go of your current construction. And you have no idea, but you’re SO constructed and built up. Drop the armour.”


10 years later, I see myself still working on dropping my armour and having to peel off layers, most of them I never thought I had. The character I needed to step into being, the most important character ever for me…was my true self.


I worked on releasing patterns, habits, ways of being, ways of thinking, relationships, projects, and ideas that no longer serve me, and my poised life vision. And will continue to do so, as this is not seasonal work (even if some seasons require it more), this is for life.


One of the interesting things I experienced, having stepped into my destiny life for good, is now that I have had all the time in the world to do whatever I want, and I had nobody to ask permission or approval to but myself, it didn’t feel that easy.


I guess the best expression that translates this experience is “caged birds when set free, need to relearn how to fly”



In this “relearning how to fly” process of mine, I had to face myself. Hesitant to open several doors – integrating (and healing) my experiences and teachings on the divine and poised feminine and masculine, poised awakening and spirituality as well as poised leadership.


The Poised Theory wouldn’t be as integral as I intended it to be, in case I'd leave these important themes out of the discussion.  


I’m thankful for 2020 for having enabled me to launch two new projects – The Poised Journey and the And Still I Rise Club Membership (that will come back in 2021 with new dynamics and fresh content, aligned with the new opened doors I just mentioned). Not to mention the blessings of having increased the Institute Team and Family.


On this day of Winter Solstice (21 Dec), this special day in which Jupiter and Saturn come in conjunction after 367 years, and finally enter the sign of Aquarius, we can read it as sign of even more change on the horizon.


The Live with Poise is an Aquarian cause – a cause to embrace authenticity and soul-led truth speaking about the changes that need to happen in order to bring progress to our society. It’s about disrupting a culture that incentivizes being a “yes-man”, “the best”, “be-rich-in-no-time” (to name a few) – and start enabling conversations about the future of Education, future of Work. Because clearly these are starting two societal pillars that need to be burnt and to be rebuilt almost from scratch. 


I close this year, and this text, with appreciation and wishing wholeheartedly that you may allow yourself to answer the call of your soul to receive guidance, while meeting kindred spirits from all over the world that are also looking for a path to leave their cages and relearn how to fly.


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