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Why I don’t believe in Traditional Leadership & Biz Support (and neither should you)

Yeap. I don’t. Because I’ve been there, done that...A LOT and without results.


I’ll explain so by telling you the story of a client of mine. She’s pleased and prosperous in her current career – she’s the Head of a whole department in a male dominant traditional governmental institution. She loves her team, colleagues. Most of them are even her friends outside of work. She feels she’s got “stability”, and a rising career planned out.



But as much as she’s fulfilled in her current career, there are still sides of herself she’d like to explore, but she doesn’t if and know how to tap into them. And if she wanted to keep them as hobbies, or if it could become a business.


 She then enrolled in the Poised Journey to allow herself to explore that business possibility. Because she realized if she didn’t try, she’d die wondering about it.


She realized if she took action on it now, she could start building it as a side activity without the time pressure to give immediate results and without the pressure to perfect the first time out.


We had our first immersion session together….and she left so excited because, in that session, she was giving birth to a business that reflected all the other parts of herself she wanted to explore. She had clear next steps to follow to start putting them into practice.


Between sessions, I encouraged her to contact me anytime – WhatsApp, email, etc. That’s part of the support I give to make sure I’m assessable so that my students don’t have an excuse to keep on moving. ;)  They can ask me anything and how often they want between sessions.


Radio silence instead.


In our next session, she tells me:

Omg, we need to talk. I’m feeling stuck. I’m scared. I don’t think I can do it. I think I’ll sound crazy if I start this business. I don’t have time. And I don’t want to wake up earlier than I do already. And I think I will lose credibility in my job, and my family won’t support me. Everybody will think I will quit the next day if they know about al.”


For me, that was not a surprise though. Because that second-guessing is exactly what happens with every human being that puts himself/herself out there in a new endeavor. Especially when it’s something so important and meaningful for that person’s own life.


Instead of talking further about her business, I proposed to her a session to find out what is holding her back and overcome that. I asked her what’s the one thing she’d like to shift in her life right now. A theme. Any theme.


She picked one. I conducted a hypnotherapy session. And guess what, she realized she strongly craved approval. That even though she was perceived as a strong woman, on the inside she felt fragile and was afraid of being alone and unsupported.

 The reason for that, she unveiled during her regression.

She naturally regressed to 2 past lives and 1 childhood moment, and those scenes made her understand the fear she had now around her business start.


But interesting enough, there’s been a lot of things going on in her life besides her business she didn’t want to tackle directly as part of the “Business Program”. Things she’s been wanting to manifest – a family of her own and a life partner are among them.


And these topics came up for her in that same session, by her subconscious mind. She learned (through my facilitation) they were all tied together. Actually, events related to her childhood and the death of her fiancé in a moment in history where women were seen as needed to be protected by a man were the core part of that bundle. And even one in which she decided to toughen up live mostly alone and not depend on anybody. These events, though their details and depth, created in her "soul scars" that led her to create unhealthy beliefs and fears that are no longer in context with this time and her current reality. That's why she was so afraid to be judged now, lose all the respect and independence created, and step into a new endeavor that would be something more creative and would allow her to be her full self, express her soul, fully. That's the reason why she was not also manifesting the love life she deeply craved for.


It all happened in one session (of so many of the other sessions we have in the program) while focusing on taking care of herself. We cleared 3 major blocks in her life: business, generational, and love life.


She’s now excited about having new ideas for her business (besides allowing a life partner to come into her life and having a totally different relationship with her parents, especially her mom). 

And I told her: “Take your time, the Journey has just started. You’ve only taken 2 of the total 12 modules of the program and that was only our second session. Allow yourself to decondition, release unhealthy beliefs, heal and transform personally and at the end of the program, your whole idea of life and business will be changed. Have fun with the process! “, and she laughed, which made me smile too. :) 


After this story, do you still believe that a traditional “executive management” and “business masters”, "business coaching" would help her to move forward?  Was her fundamental starting problem the business model, the business canvas she hadn't completed properly, her website, her sales funnel? NO. Not that these don't matter, they absolutely do, and the real business discussion goes through in 4 out of the 12 modules of The Poised Journey, but they're not the fundamental thing.


She realized now, that she’s on a journey to come back to who she REALLY is. On a journey to come back to herself.

 I wish I could share with you the gift it was to see the lightness in her body and the sparkle in her eyes after the session. 


What about you? What’s been holding you back on creating a soul-led business or repurpose your current one, based upon who you REALLY are.


Are you ready to leave the caged life you’ve put yourself into and relearn how to fly?


If this story spoke to your heart, apply for a conversation with me, so I can tell you how The Poised Journey can transform your Life and your Business.



I’d love to be your guide in this journey. A journey that I know so well because that’s been my journey too.


I’ve taken every business, marketing, and leadership course out there. Hired traditional executive coaching. They hold truth, but a partial truth. I’ve also tried very woo-woo approaches. Many of them seemed true but also missed something there. 

That's the reason why I ended up developing my own method of supporting leaders and entrepreneurs, which is really transformational like no other, as it's intuitive for the students and clients, researched-based, and tested over for me over the last decade. It’s the Poised Method. The method I apply in my life and my business, as part of my own ever learning.


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