Living with Poise is about owning our Life Mission. Remember who we are on a soul level, be who we came here to be. Meet your soul plan instead of the biased plan others may have for us.

        - Thaís de Lira, Founder

Living with Poise is about owning your Life Mission

- Thaís de Lira, Founder

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Whatever is not Growing is Inevitably  Dying   

That is a harsh statement but holds so much truth to it. On a body level, considering our human predicament. But also on a soul level, as every time our soul calls us and we don't take its calling, we kill our livelihood and authenticity. We move towards sadness, depression, frustration, helplessness, bitterness. 

And this is Our Commitment at Thaís de Lira Institute, to help you to keep moving towards your Growth, Your True Self, Your Poised Life, even if that may feel uncomfortable right now.

A POISED LIFE is a life where you work to continuously unveil and improve our Life's 3 D's, which are:

Your sense of DIGNITY (Identity, Personal Integrity, Authenticity). 

Clarity in our DESTINATION: Where do you want to go. What is next.

Identify the right DIRECTION: the paths that can take you to your Destination, aligned to your sense of Dignity. 


And in other to develop these 3 D's, there are 3 core Topics to manage in Life:

Leadership, Relationships, and Transitions.

If you're an Entrepreneur, for sure you exercise all those skills in order to have a thriving business.

How you deal with these skills indicates if you're set up for Growth and for Thriving or simply being Reactive or living somebody's else life.

Watch the Personal Manifesto from Thaís de Lira, the Founder of the Institute, as her values reflect the Institute's values too.


Living examples of what does it mean to live a Poised life and practice Poised Leadership 

According to innumerous researches conducted on the human psyche, spirituality is inherent to our nature and key for us as human beings to feel connected.

"Religiousness" is a way of aiding the process of individuation: the exploration of ourselves and the final acknowledgment of who we are and that helps us to design how life should look like.

The best reference of someone who lived a Poised Life, for the Eastern World is Jesus Christ, in the context of Christianity. People like Mother Teresa, Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King, Oscar Schindler in their "common" human nature, likewise. In current times, personalities like Greta Thunberg, Angela Merkel, Simon Sinek, Brenè Brown.

It does not mean their lives were easy and that they had it all figured it out from day 1. But they were known for responding to their soul calling, and for working to leaving a legacy. 


Ready to answer your soul's calling?

Today is the day! Let's do this!

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