We're an entrepreneurial training company designed to give visionary and soulful entrepreneurs a proven and intuitive system for building a profitable business and a freedom lifestyle–around their gifts and their unique life mission.


With various training programs that include self-study courses, live mentoring, and events, the Thaís de Lira Institute has something for entrepreneurs at every stage of the journey; whether they’re still in the ideas phase, or far advanced and wanting to focus on having more results and ways to experience ultimate freedom.


We’re more than an Institute. We’re YOUR Family!

We’re the entrepreneurial family that you choose to be part of in life.

Because there are the family and community, we’re born in. And the family and community we choose to build through life, aligned to our soul values.

And ideally, our chosen family is the one who takes us in unconditionally, share with us their growth journey, and supports our life choices.

We’re a family that wants to connect with your unique and true self…and that is, what we call, Your Poised Self. We’re here to help you to unfold Your Poised Life, how it sincerely looks like for you.

Because there is power when we’re together and celebrating our uniqueness and differences, there’s strength in that.

Just like what happens with family, there are times we want to stay around all the time. And there're times you may have some break or alone time.

But family is always our “safe harbor”, and that’s what we want to be for our clients and students, meaning our family members.

In our family, what we do here is to honor and respect each other’s individuality.

We want you – employee or client – to feel safe and at the same time proud and excited to be with us. To be with us, because you want to. Not because you have to.

We take pride in raising through the “Live with Poise” movement, a movement to integrate and transform billions of lives all over the world.


We're defining the Future Work, the Future of Education.


We're supporting the beginning of the Age of Poise. 


The Age of Poise in an age in which we're all reconnecting to our spiritual nature, authenticity, and unity.


Learning to let go of our over-identification with our human nature, conditioning, and sense of separation.


The Poised Future is a future in which every human awakens to their own Spiritual nature as their primary nature and that's where our infinite potentiality and creativity comes from.



We’re committed to providing transformational PD (Personal Development) resources to help you as an outstanding leader, entrepreneur, and creative that you are. To build your foundational emotional, intellectual, and integrative resources to live and lead with poise. Owning and loving your life mission. Owning and loving your uniqueness.






  • Perfection and projection culture leads to fear and un-authenticity. We encourage self-responsibility, spontaneity, candor, caring, respect, as well as the celebration of each one's unique identity.
  • We prioritize a culture of love, authenticity, contribution, fulfillment, and personal integrity over profits.
  • We prioritize QUALITY over quantity. TIMING over perfection to deliver in aligned timing and teach what entrepreneurship means in practice.
  • Delivering High-End, deep, unique, and transformational content for all our offerings is our priority.



  • We treasure and encourage curiosity and pursuing multiple passions. We don't have to be one thing; we were never meant to.
  • We believe in the richness of being a global team and a global community.
  • Everybody that contributes to the mission and growth of the Institute is part of our family. Team, Students, Clients. We're ONE Family.
  • We're fuelled by insights and innovation that come through the integration of research (theoretical and empirical), life learnings, community share learnings, science (hard and soft), as well as spirituality and metaphysics. 
  • Our pillars of work are mind and spirit. We believe that as humans, we're spirit having a body experience. Integrating spiritual language is key to express our essence as human beings and really transform fully.
  • We believe we can only grow and transform once we integrate. Leveling up is about transcending and including.



  • We believe if we're doing real transformational work, we're transforming every single day. That said, we allow ourselves to change our minds about ideas, thoughts, and even company direction. We have a fast pacing environment. And that what adds a lot of value to our clients and students too, as they live that in their lives and businesses too.
  • We work daily to LET GO of anything that is not part of our Institute's true self. "Deconditioning" and the Poise Self is a journey embraced by our founder, our staff, and also our clients and students.
  • We're edgy, committed to delivering messages and creating offers based upon what is needed and not necessarily upon what "is trendy" or what is "consciously desired."


If you resonate with our manifesto, you’re welcome to join us as a client, student, and as part of our staff.

If you’re already a student or client but never had the chance to talk to Thaís 1:1, schedule your 15 min chat with her. She’d love to get to know you deeper!

If you’d like to be part of our support team, please send us an email to [email protected] sharing why you believe our Institute would be a good fit for you and vice-versa!

And if you’re not already a student or client, see so many offers, and would like to get a personal recommendation from Thaís, don't miss the chance to apply for a consultation call with her!

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