THE POISED JOURNEY -  Leadership, Life, Spirit, Mindset + Career Management Program.

For Corporate Leaders.

3 to 12-month program for soulful and soul-led CORPORATE leaders looking forward to aligning the growth path of their existing corporate career.

Own and cultivate a career path that is aligned with who you came here to be. A fulfilling and purpose-driven career path leveraging your unique gifts and your unique life story.


You know that the higher you go in the corporate ladder, the more change you'll be able to drive


You know that those who don't have leadership skills, leadership vision or that play small in life and career live by the sayings

"It's lonely in the top." or "The higher you go in the organization, the less of a personal life you'll have" 




You’ve achieved a lot in your current corporate career but somehow that does not feel enough.


You have a strong faith that senior leadership is for you but ultimately you spend year after year going through the motions and not having enough clarity on what to do, which does not make you move forward.


You're not sure if the problem is your boss, the department you're in, the company, and the company culture. Or even if the industry is aligned for you.


You’re trapped into hustling mode and that also does allow you to meet the partner for life you want or to step into parenthood either. At this point in life, you fear to leave this lifetime not creating something meaningful, and you fear to be running out of time.    


You recognize you’re in your comfort zone way too long and now you feel ready to explore deeper the Corporate Leadership journey.

Life was never meant to be a purposeless 9-5 hustle. 

And this is what “The Poised Journey” is here to show you.

You’re meant to be POISED, successful, influential, a recognized thought leader in your organization. A change maker.



Over the next months, Thaís will explore your unique gifts and life story and guide you into you the 12 chapters of your life that you need to explore in order to attune into both your life purpose and ideal career vision.


If you already have a senior leadership role, it will be all about making sure it's aligned with your purpose, fine-tune on aspects of it and strategy as needed to make your career fly!

It’s time to STOP waiting for the right moment and make now the right moment to start your “Poised Journey”.


ENOUGH with dulling down to fit in, hiding parts of yourself, suppressing your authenticity, self-esteem, and ultimately mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health.

You get into conflict because knowing what you want and owning it should be something simple.

You get distracted with the traditional Executive Coaches that sell one-size-fits-all advice.


You feel you’re either fool to not go for it, or a fool to even consider it.


Ultimately, you think you should be able to figure things out all by yourself …which means that and things stay the same.

These are only 21 of the innumerous reasons why this is a transformational journey you’re signing up for, as you enroll into “The Poised Journey”

  1. It’s a complete mindset, life, spirituality, and corporate leadership program, nothing like that elsewhere
  2. It makes use of the poised method, which is the unique hybrid therapy- training method developed by Thaís de Lira over the last decade.
  3. It not only helps you to reconnect with your essence, who you really are, it also helps you to give you a direction in the present moment and build a vision
  4. Allows you to give the right focus in your life
  5. Helps you to love, accept embrace who you are, fully. Good and bad. Light and shadow.
  6. Reconnects you with your spiritual self.
  7. This program heals, educates, and offers guidance
  8. It will allow you to look at yourself in an integral way.
  9. I will allow you to awaken, have a clear sense of direction, start growing, open up to the world, start Depoisoning
  10. It will allow you to get more motivated every single day, start living with poise journey from day 1
  11. You’ll heal traumas, wounds from this life (or potentially past lives) that are currently holding you back
  12. You’ll learn to be your own brand, be comfortable with your own skin. Fell it's safe to ditch the badge when you want it.
  13. You’ll shift your mindset from scarcity to prosperity and possibilities
  14. You’ll increase your intuition, learn to discern mind x intuition
  15. You’ll activate the original version of you that came to earth
  16. You’ll attract the right relationships – friends, life partner, etc
  17. You’ll accelerate your maturing process.
  18. If you want to start your own family, this journey will do some of the prep work for that
  19. You’ll experience your leadership career as an expression of you
  20. You’re going to be paid to be you
  21. Enables generational healing and Stops the generational negative patterns, which ultimately benefits your parenthood.

Hi, I'm Thaís!

I’m the Founder of Thaís de Lira Institute and creator of the Poised Method and the Poised Theory, these are part of the legacies I’m proudly leaving to this world. And I’m here to help you leave your legacy too.

I’m an Intuitive Business and Leadership Advisor, Coach, Therapist (Psychotherapy & Hypnotherapy), as well as Researcher and Trainer in Leadership, Relationships and Transitions with 14 years Past Life in Fortune 500.

Having lived most of my life between worlds – the traditional corporate and the innovative entrepreneurial world – my “poisoned self” and my poised self – what I thought the world expected of me and what I felt I had to best offer to the world. Now here I am helping visionary and soulful leaders and entrepreneurs to also find their ways to LIVE WITH POISE.

My clients are soulful corporate leaders and entrepreneurial men, and women, that dream to leave a legacy in this life. For the corporate leaders, either by developing an even more successful career in corporate leadership or else by helping them to transition from corporate to having a business of their own that translate who they are and their life mission, fully. And then, once having their career or business set up and reflecting their authentic and poised self, I help my clients on how to grow organically, without burning out and using only authentic and aligned personal or business marketing.

I help my clients to come back to who they’re supposed to be in this life. They start the process with me feeling frustrated, bittered, angry, confused, lost, overwhelmed and bored with their current lives. Apart from the success and recognition they may already have in the existing corporate career, there’s something important missing that they couldn’t yet figure it out or step into.

I’ve initially spent 6 years between worlds – serving a Fortune 50 company from the Industrial sector and in a Global Leadership role, while conducting my private practice – as a therapist and coach - in the evenings and weekends. As soon as I took the leap to make the full transition, I’ve then founded the Institute and started changing my business model and narrowing down my vision, getting to know myself as the entrepreneur I always knew I were. During these years, I’ve also lived a profound transformation in my personal life as I moved countries, met my soul mate, got married and we moved together to new countries twice. Family life and now, parenting are just as important as my business and part of my soul calling in this life.

I personally prepared myself over the last decade researching and studying the most diverse systems, tools, processes and techniques. Studied and got certified by the most well renown mentors and schools of thought in psychology, hypnotherapy, coaching, NLP, Human Design, BG5, Astrology, energy healing. Because I learned we can know and say the right things but actually not feel energy tunned or spiritually right and ready to receive the fruits of it. And I’ve learned that our body, our soul and spirit have to be aligned so we can feel POISED.

The roadmap I guide I lived it for myself – with a lot of trial and error, as for most of the years I didn’t have a single professional, I could rely on for a journey like that.

It took me more than a decade to achieve and figure that all out. I came across several beautiful and renowned professionals to who I'm profoundly thankful, but that could support me in bits and pieces of my journey. Only when I fully opened up and started showing up fully, including the spiritual part of me and my journey is that I experienced quantum leaps of transformation personally and in the Institute.

The good news is that you don’t have to go all by yourself or look for support any further now because I'm here for you to be the Lighthouse and Facilitator for your Poised Journey. If you're open to transform and believe what makes us whole is that we're body, mind, soul, and spirit, then I'm the guide you're looking for, no matter your current life stage, career stage or entrepreneurial stage, and religion.


Get to know the program detailed curriculum as you apply for a call

If the idea of honouring your life mission by choosing to explore what you came here to be and create is appealing to you.


If the idea of creating your life by design with grace, poise and authenticity lightens you up, apply for a call to have access to the program curriculum.


The Experience

The Poised Journey is a 3 to 12-month program. Done properly, it is equivalent to a very well-done sabbatical event.  Only, we’re not making the world stop for you so you can experience the wisdom of having lived a sabbatical period.

For those who like to take things more paced and get more continued support, the program can also be taken in 12 months.

Because at the end of “The Poised Journey”, not only you’ll have your corporate leadership foundations, but you’ll be filled with a strong sense of identity, purpose, and destination. You’ll have tuned into the mindset, strategy, decision making and action taking aligned to your life purpose and who you are in essence.


Building Blocks of the The Poised Journey

- Due to the high standards of support and accountability spaces are limited -

MasterSoul Calls

In the MasterSoul version of the program, there are Monthly Intimate Mastermind calls with other SOULFUL leaders. It's an intimate atmosphere and done though video for a deeper connection.

Practices, sharing, and Q&A so that you are supported every step of the way.

Private Session(s)

An intensive starting session to go through your unique story and unique gifts is already part of the MasterSoul program version.

If you sign up for the Prime version of the program, you'll be supported fully by personalized 1:1 calls with Thais.

Powerful Release & Rewiring

All sessions and training are aligned with the Poised Method, which is exclusive as it was developed within the Thaís de Lira Institute and it's transformational like no other. 

High-End Tailored Training & Virtual Coaching and Mentoring

12 transformational online training and virtual coaching modules - with more than 36 hs of content and practices with everything you need to set up and grow your soulful corporate leadership career, connected to your unique and poised self. 


Community & Support

In the MasterSoul version of the program, you'll be part of a high-profile community of soulful corporate leaders. Connect, feel part of The Poised Journey family! 

Plus continuous email and messaging support from Thaís.



Receive your individual Poised Leadership & Life Purpose Reading, and much more. 





Ready to get started?

Today is the day! Let's do this!



You are committed to:

Embark into a self-discovery journey to reconnect with the person and leader that you came to be.

Upleveling your career from having a job as a manager to experiencing poised leadership and be naturally invited for promotions, be contacted by head hunters and even be invited to serve as a board member in your industry.
Uplevelling your current career and experience leadership in a completely different way, moving from hustle to poise.

Making your life, career, and your leadership dreams, altogether a reality
 If already started with your own corporate leadership career progression, make sure you’re in the right industry, with the right focus, aligned role, and aligned sponsors.

Climb the corporate ladder, but rise with integrity. That means having your career reflecting your authentic and poised self - no one-size-fits-all personal branding hacks and career models, only “authentic and soulful personal branding”.

Standing out from the crowd simply by being you, FULLY



You're visionary, soulful, spiritual

You're an action taker

You take responsibility for your actions and their consequences

You want to change your fate

You believe everybody is unique and there's space for everybody to self-express.

You know you're meant for bigger things than what you're doing now.


G. M., Japan

Thaís' commitment, dedication and energy spreads to everyone around her. An admirable person that I fully trust. Listening to her calms the soul.

Peter, USA

Thais‘ sensitive, positive and unique background makes her the full package.
From psychology to coaching, she uses different approaches depending on the person and situation to help you in your growth journey.
If you are looking to know more about yourself and solve problems you might be facing in life, you have found the right person that will help you get where you want to be.

Lais F. , Brazil

Thais has developed a unique methodology that is both results-driven and endearing. Her successful experience in corporate proves to make a great difference - we could feel from day 1 how her examples resonated with us and how impactful her strategies are designed to be. Definitely recommend the institute for anyone looking for personal and professional growth.

Patricia N., Switzerland

Thank you Thaís for this amazing space and initiative. You are amazing :)

Elijah D., Nigeria

Truly insightful!!!
Love the sessions and everyone here!

Giselle F. , Germany

Thank you for offering us all this safe space for reflecting and growing!

The POISED JOURNEY is NOT for you if...

You're not willing to invest time, money, and energy into creating a career you love
 You don’t want to feel accountable and take massive action to fulfill your dreams
 You're not feeling ready to step out of your comfort zone
 You think you can do everything by yourself, fast and perfect. Believe in first-time right myth while doing something completely new to you.



You are a chronic complainer and don't want to do anything about it.
Live by the saying "misery loves company".
You like to spend more time talking about the problems, then looking out for a solution.
You blame others for your mistakes most of the times.
You still believe you fail just because of your parents or family upbringing.
Everybody is wrong and only you are always right.
You say that "I am made like this and I think like this" and people should be learning how to deal with you as you are.
If you prioritize religion and fundamentalism, over spirituality
What we value is the POISED JOURNEY is attitude. The willingness to stand up, rise, every single time.
Have self-responsibility and understand that, what matters is the lesson learned. The willingness to set yourself up to succeed and aim higher from that moment on.

A taste of The Poised Journey Program Structure

Apply for a call to learn all details on the program curriculum

MasterSoul Q1 cohort closed. 

APPLY NOW for the Prime Journey or to join the next MasterSoul cohort!

Due to the high standards of support and accountability spaces are limited -


Self-Paced, Evergreen

  • Lifetime access to The Poised Journey Online content: 12 Modules. More than 36hs of content and practices in Leadership, Life, Spirit, Mindset & Career Management. For each module, besides the course content, there is a pre-recorded 1:1 coaching and mentoring session with Thaís focused on activities, questions, strategies, exercises, practices that emulates the experience of a live session with her. The modules are released on a weekly basis to help you pace yourself.
  • Access to the course forum/community with the opportunity to ask ANY questions there.


3-12 months, subject to spots availability

  • 1 x 1:1 intensive session with Thaís, to go through your unique gifts, messaging, and SOUL career and soul company. As well as truly connecting to your soul purpose.
  • 1 Intimate Monthly Mastermind call (Group sessions with other Soulful corporate leaders)
  • Lifetime access to The Poised Journey Online 
  • Access to a private community of Soulful corporate leaders in The Poised Journey HUB


3-12 months, subject to spots availability

  • 1 x 1:1 intensive session with Thaís, to go through your unique gifts, messaging, and SOUL career and soul company. As well as truly connecting to your soul purpose.
  • 1 Monthly 1:1 session with Thaís
  • Lifetime access to the Poised Journey Online
  • Access to a private community of Soulful corporate leaders in The Poised Journey Hub
  • BONUS:  Receive your individual Poised Leadership & Soul Purpose Reading

ENOUGH dulling down to fit into any environment that you know you can’t easily change by your lead. You can find more success changing management, company, industry, or even type of role.

Like me, embrace that life is way too precious and way too short to not start NOW working on your legacy. Because you know you’re meant for more.

It’s time to GIVEBACK to yourself and meet your POISED-self. The original version of you meant to be fully expressed and to make a difference in other people’s lives.

You don’t need to wait until you're promoted or fired to better manage and take the lead in your own career growth.


Instead, you can work on your dream career while you're still in that same role and company so that very soon you can walk out of that office building and into a new leadership opportunity that is already thriving!


All you need to have is a roadmap and put in the focus and the energy and allow yourself to blossom.

Have more questions?